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              Summicron 2/5 cm black paint The 6                                                € 16.000*
              no. 1468997, 1957, condition B+                                                € 32.000 – 36.000

              The 6  Summicron 5 cm black paint ever made! From a small   The lens shows a beautiful patina of use, the optics are very
              batch delivered on 23.07.1957 to Manca, New York. This is a   good with only minimal flaws. It is a rare opportunity for
              matching lens for the early 2-digit black paint MP cameras,   someone looking for a matching lens for an early black paint
              delivered to Manca on 22 and 24 July 1957.     Leica MP.

              Summilux 1.4/50 mm chrome prototype                                              € 30.000*
              no. 0000491, 1961, condition A–                                                € 60.000 – 70.000

              An interesting prototype Summilux 50 mm, showing an   depth of field scale, including markings for the f:1.4 (not
              example of evolution from the first to second version of this   present on the serial production Summilux), or special   Noctilux 1.2/50 mm 0-Series                                                      € 20.000*
              famous lens. According to the factory records, the optical   aperture ring with engravings similar to prototype Summarit   no. 2176842, 1966, condition B/A                                             € 40.000 – 50.000
              formula is B637a, which is a development of the initial   1.4/50 mm lenses. The offered Summilux is in beautiful,
              calculation B635, but not yet the final version used in the   almost mint condition, with excellent optics, included with   A special, very early example of the sought-after first version   front rim, it is in excellent condition, with very good optics
              Canadian-production lenses. Also externally the lens shows   the lens is written expertise from Mr. Ottmar Michaely, it is   Noctilux. The lens shows several minor differences to the   (only slight cleaning marks on the rear element), a unique
              many distinctive and unique features, like the smaller   one of the most interesting prototype lenses we’ve seen!       later models, like red-filled engraving of the feet scale,   opportunity to acquire a special example from the legendary
              diameter of the focusing ring, different engraving of the                                                               different style of the front engravings, different (thicker)    Noctilux f1.2 series!
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