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Telyt 5/60 cm

 Mirror Lens


 The famous prototype 60 cm mirror telephoto lens. With
 the serial number 790001, this is the only example of this
 impressive lens ever made.

 With the hood retracted the lens is 37 cm long, with a
 diameter of 18 cm and a weight of 5kg. It was designed by
 W. Albert and W. Mohr to work with Visoflex and equipped
 with focusing bellows. A feature uncommon in mirror
 lenses is a variable aperture f:5 to f:11. The lens was a part
 of the Leitz factory museum, it still has the special sticker
 attached ‘M476’. The original museum inventory card is
 also included in the offered lot.

 This unique lens can be seen in Lager, Vol. II ‘Lenses’ on
 page 133, as well as in W. Albert ‘Geburtstage der
 Leitz-Foto-Konstruktionen ab 1927’ on page 155. It is one
 of the most spectacular constructions from Leitz and for
 sure one of the most interesting items from the history
 of Leica.

 Start price € 100.000*
 est. € 200.000 – 300.000
 Serial no. 790001
 Year of production: 1949
 condition A/B
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