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Leica 16

 prototypes and

 design studies

 After the commercial success of the Leica M3, Leitz began to research
 and develop different kinds of cameras. One of the projects was a
 high-quality ultra-compact camera for 16 mm film. Numerous prototypes
 and design studies have made in 1959.

 Despite the project being in an advanced stage, the research was
 stopped and development cancelled after only one complete camera
 was made. The lot offered here is an amazing collection of artifacts
 concerning the mystical Leica 16.

 It includes two wooden dummies (both already equipped with high
 quality finders), three various forms of the chassis, two aluminium hous-
 ings, two top plates, two shutter prototypes, an interesting model of
 retracting lens (with optics), etc. Included in the lot is also a large folder
 including a collection of original blueprints and parts lists for the Leica
 16, three beautiful, hand-drawn large format parchment blueprints, as
 well as several hand drawings from the early stages of development.

 Many parts of this amazing historical outfit were shown and described
 in detail in Vidom 122 on pages 16-39 (copy included with the lot).
 It is one of the most exciting discoveries from the history of Leica.

 Start price € 50.000
 est. € 100.000 – 150.000
 Year of production: 1959
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