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Leica 0-Series prototype          € 400.000
               c.1921, condition B           € 800.000 – 1.000.000

               The famous transitional prototype camera placed histori-
               cally between the Ur-Leica and the first 0-Series production
               models. It is a very interesting hybrid showing the progress
               of the technical development from a prototype to the early
               production camera. Only two similar prototypes are known
               to exist. The other one is finished in brass and has been
               illustrated and thoroughly described by Dr Günter Kisselbach
               in ‘Barnack’s Erste Leica’ (Barnack’s First Leica). Both share
               nearly the same external features and are equipped with
               the same tubular finder. The offered camera has undergone   ations to the chassis and mechanisms inside. For example,
               several modifications in its lifespan. Apparently, it served as   it was equipped initially with an early type folding finder, it
               a test camera for several years. It shows signs of many alter-  was later replaced with a tubular finder, but the signs of this
                                                               modification are still present inside of the camera. The lens
                                                               can be identified as a very early 5-element design, most
                                                               probably ‘BK 50/II’ of 1920/21. The camera has been finished
                                                               to its final form around 1938 – probably for display purposes.
                                                               Included in this lot is detailed expertise from Mr Ottmar
                                                               Michaely. The historical importance of this special camera has
                                                               been confirmed by numerous Leica experts like Paul-Henry
 Dear Friends of Leitz Photographica Auction,                  van Hasbroeck, Lars Netopil or Ottmar Michaely. Exactly this
                                                               camera is illustrated in P.-H. van Hasbroeck ‘The Leica – A
                                                               History Illustrating Every Model and Accessory – Revised
 The coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently defining the life of society throughout   Edition’ (photo I in the illustrated preface). It is an important
                                                               milestone in Leica history and a unique opportunity for
 Europe and is thus also having an impact on our day-to-day work at Leitz   serious collectors!
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