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Leica I Mod. A Elmax              € 12.000 *
                                                             no. 716, 1925, condition B+     € 24.000 – 26.000
                                                             Leica I Mod. A with 5-element Elmax lens in very good origi-
                                                             nal condition, the camera still shows all early features like the
                                                             first version finder, early vulcanite, mushroom type shutter
                                                             release, early base plate, low-profile aluminium knobs etc.,
                                                             it was never repainted or upgraded, included in this lot is an
                                                             early ETRIN case (marked with both Leitz and Leica), it is very
                                                             hard to find an unmodified example of this early Leica model.
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