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Leica ‘Snapshot’ with   € 50.000*
 prototype Snapshot Elmar 3.5 cm
 no. 214546, 1933, condition B/A   € 100.000 – 120.000  Leica IIIf black paint   € 20.000*
 Very rare Snapshot Leica with original wide-angle 35 mm   ‘Swedish Army’
 finder, in excellent condition (small crack in the finder), with
 prototype ‘Snapshot’ Elmar 4.5/3.5 cm—this special lens   no. 822930, 1956, condition B   € 40.000 – 50.000
 shows several unique features, like focusing with click stops,   Only 100 cameras with special black painted Elmar 3.5/5 cm
 no coupling and no serial number engraved, it is the only   were manufactured for the Swedish military in 1956, they
 known example of this prototype lens in chrome finish. It is in   were winterised to enable them to function in arctic condi-
 beautiful, near-mint condition and complete with the special   tions. The offered camera is in 100 % original, never restored
 prototype hood. The Snapshot Leica was announced, but   condition, with beautiful patina around the edges, with
 never commercially produced. Only a few examples of this   matching black Elmar 3.5/5 cm no. 1427036 and a leather
 camera are known to exist. The Snapshot Elmar with the   case stamped on the back with three crowns. The IIIf black
 codename ELROO is one of the rarest and most unique Leica   is not only one of the top collector’s items, but also one of
 lenses made.  the most attractive military Leica cameras ever made.
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