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Leica M3 black paint  Leica M2 black paint

              2nd Version                                    First Batch

              Sought-after, original Leica M3 black paint from the second  Button Rewind set

              official production batch issued in 1960, in very good
              condition, an attractive patina of use around the edges,   A sought-after first version black paint M2, showing all
              perfect working order, with an unnumbered M3 box and   matching features, like the button rewind, all-black base
              German instructions, the camera was delivered to Brandt,   plate, no self-timer etc. In amazing, near-mint condition, with
              Sweden, on 14.04.1960.                         only minimal patina and untouched vulcanite, still L-sealed!
                                                             Included is a very early black paint / brass mount Summicron
              Start price € 30.000                           2/5 cm no. 1474838 (cond. B/A and very good optics, black
              est. € 60.000 – 70.000                         paint lens cap), early English instructions and an unnumbered
              Serial no. 993672                              box. The camera was delivered to Manca, New York on
              Year of production: 1960                       15.12.1959. An entry in Leitz Archive reveals a matching note
                                                             ‘Lackausführung-schwarz’. It is for sure one of the most
                                                             beautiful examples of the early black paint M2 we have seen!

                                                             Start price € 50.000
                                                             est. € 100.000 – 120.000
                                                             Serial no. 948985
                                                             Year of production: 1959
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