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Noctilux 1.2/50 mm

              B702 chrome prototype

              The Noctilux 1.2/50 mm was the world’s first serial production   produced in total, representing one unit per business day.
              35 mm lens containing aspherical elements. Leitz Wetzlar   The Noctilux f/1.2 lens can truly be called a legend within the
              optical designers Helmut Marx and Paul Sindel were   technical development of the Leica lenses. It is not only
              responsible for optical computation. Professor Helmut Marx   sought-after by collectors but still also a favourite of many
              used an Elliott 402F computer to help design and save time   photographers.   In the 41st Leitz Photographica Auction, we
              on ray tracing.  When the lens was introduced in 1966, it was   have the pleasure of offering the white unicorn of the Leica
              the pinnacle of lens design and technological possibilities. It   M lenses – the original chrome prototype of the Noctilux
              is almost entirely free of spherical aberration and coma while   f/1.2. The lens is in excellent condition, optics show some
              producing an exceptionally high degree of contrast. Fifty   blemishes on the front and rear element. The photographic
              years ago, however, even for Leitz, it was quite a challenge to   test reveals that the lens still produces beautiful, dreamy
              produce such a lens, a fact reflected in its price: the lens was   images, the first version Noctilux is famous for. A small patch
              almost twice as expensive as the body of a Leica M4. It was   of milimeter paper is taped over the depth-of-field scale – it
              replaced by the 50 mm Noctilux f/1 in 1976, which, using   was used to mark the lens’ test results at the factory. At first
              new optical glasses, could be calculated without aspherical   glance, the front rim  appears not to be engraved, but under
              elements and was cheaper and much less labour intensive in   a closer look, a small, blackened engraving can be seen:
              production than its predecessor. In ten years of production,   LEITZ WETZLAR GERMANY 1:1.2/50 B702 0000663  The
              only about 1800 units of the 50 mm Noctilux f/1.2 were   Noctilux name is not engraved yet on this prototype.

              Start price € 200.000
              est. € 400.000-500.000
              Serial no. 663
              Year of production: 1964
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