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Noctilux-M                                      Noctilux-M

               0.95/50 mm                                      0.95/50 mm

               ‘Leica Shop Vienna’                             ‘S.T. Dupont’ Edition

               Special edition lens released to celebrate 25th anniversary of   Under its new brand ‘0.95’, Leica Camera AG presented a
               Leica Shop Vienna, serial number 4970033, with special   collection of premium accessories that unite extraordinary
               number engraved on the front rim 33/50, in chrome finish,   quality and iconic product design. The name 0.95 stands – as
               with old style scalloped focusing ring, mint, unused condi-  a homage to the Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH. – for
               tion, complete with maker’s box, keeper, papers.  the commitment to exceeding what is technically possible. A
                                                               special limited edition of 95 Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95
               Start price € 16.000                            ASPH. was released to celebrate the new 0.95 brand. These
               est. € 32.000 – 36.000                          special lenses are distinguished by their unique design: in
               Serial no. 33/50                                contrast to the standard production models, they feature an
               Year of production: 2016                        engraved white-filled ‘0.95’, while all other engravings are
                                                               picked out in a glossy dark. The design features unique to
                                                               the lens distinctive knurling and gloss-finished elements on
                                                               the lens barrel. The offered lens no.4659822 bears the
                                                               special edition number 23/95 and is in brand new condition,
                                                               complete with all accessories, and comes with a set of match-
                                                               ing ‘0.95’ accessories - a keychain, a fountain pen, and a
                                                               lighter - all new and unused.

                                                               Start price € 16.000
                                                               est. € 32.000-36.000
                                                               Serial no. 23/95
                                                               Year of production: 2016
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