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Fisheye-Nikkor                                 Hugo Meyer

              5.6/6.2 mm                                     f. Leica M39

              230° SAP                                       Primoplan 1.9/7.5 cm

              This is one of the rarest existing Nikon lenses. It is the   Extremely rare and sought-after portrait lens in original
              second one out of only three prototypes made – with the   rangefinder-coupled M39 mount, version with meter scale,
              serial numbers 1014, 1015 and 1016.  This Fisheye-Nikkor   engraved with ‘Hugo Meyer & Co Görlitz’, black paint body
              covers an unbelievable picture angle of 230°, it was designed   with a chrome focusing and aperture ring, in very good
              to mimic the field of view of the human eye. This lens is the   condition, excellent uncoated optics, only a few examples of
              world’s first SAP (EquiSolidangle Projection) fisheye lens – a   this rare lens are known to exist!
              feature realized by including the aspherical surface of the
              front element. It was designed by Dr. Masaki Isshiki, Tokyo   Start price € 12.000
              University, Faculty of Science. The lens is in beautiful   est. € 24.000 – 26.000
              condition, with very good optics, comes with original front   Serial no. 655493
              cap, special viewfinder (with cap), and a copy of the technical   Year of production: 1934
              description for this lens by Mr. Isshiki. It is a rare opportunity
              for a serious Nikon and lens collector!
              Start price € 20.000
              est. € 40.000 – 50.000
              Serial no. 1015
              Year of production: 1964
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