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GOI f. Leica M39

               GOI Voomp                                       Teleobjektiv

               The Last One                                    5.5/135 mm Prototype

               As known from the collectors’ literature and other records,   In 1938, the Soviet optical industry started to develop
               the GOI Voomp was made between 1933 and 1937. The last   interchangeable lenses for the FED cameras with the Leica
               examples were made in 1937, and until now no camera with   M39 mount. The offered lens is one of the GOI prototypes of
               a serial number higher than 1100 has been recorded.  The   a rangefinder-coupled 135 mm lens, constructed already in
               offered camera was made in 1944, already after the siege of   1938. It is a compact, elegant design, with five elements in
               Leningrad, and is probably the last example of the legendary   three groups and a non-rotating rangefinder cam. It never
               VOOMP Pioneer. On the top plate, it shows the rare type of   went to production in this form. The later 135 mm lenses
               engravings – typical for the latest examples of this camera.   made by KMZ in Moscow were derivatives of Zeiss design.
               The body is covered in a special type of vulcanite and is in   Like all prototypes by GOI, the lens also shows excellent
               beautiful, near-mint condition. It comes with an unnumbered   build quality. It is in beautiful condition, with very good
               GOI 3.5/50 mm lens.  For many years this unique camera was   optics. It also comes with an original front cap.  It is one of
               a part of the GOI museum – it did not leave the factory since   the rarest and most sophisticated Soviet lenses in Leica screw
               February 1944.                                  mount.

               Start price € 30.000                            Start price € 10.000
               est. € 60.000 – 70.000                          est. € 20.000 – 24.000
               Serial no. 1699                                 Serial no. 2919
               Year of production: 1944                        Year of production: 1938
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