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Leica M3

                                                               Betriebskamera with

                                                               Prototype Telyt 40 cm

                                                               A unique set including a prototype Telyt 8/40 cm no. 0000048,
                                                               showing many special features, like the focusing knob
                                                               that can be moved from the right to the left side, the camera
                                                               mount that can be rotated 90° for landscape and portrait
                                                               orientation, the filter slot accepting filters in two different sizes,
                                                               and the entire lens head equipped with a quick-exchange
                                                               system (resembling the one on much later Telyt V lenses). It is
                                                               also one of the first prototype M-mount lenses. The set also
                                                               includes an original Leica M3 Betriebskamera no. M3-1149
                                                               and a prototype SFTOO 20 cm finder, heavily modified with
                                                               a magnifier built-in on the top, for critical focusing on
                                                               a Visoflex. Accompanying this unique finder is an original
                                                               pencil design drawing on parchment dated 17.09.1955.
                                                               Start price € 30.000
                                                               est. € 60.000 – 70.000
                                                               Serial no. M3-1149
                                                               Year of production: 1955
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