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Leica M3

                                                             Prototype no. 0037

                                                             Extremely rare M3 prototype (pre-series, produced as test
                                                             camera in 1952/53). The camera is in excellent original
                                                             condition and in perfect working order. It shows all original
                                                             early features including special film advance lever, external
                                                             frame counter, reversed direction of the rewind knob, unique
                                                             shape of self-timer, top plate with distinctive corners,
                                                             matching base plate also with corners, completely different
                                                             shutter casting and film guides, special pre-series back etc.
                                                             (see Lager I, p.173-175). All these small details makes the
                                                             experience of using the camera quite unique. It comes with
                                                             an early M-mount Summicron 2/5 cm no. 1105473 (with
                                                             early hood and matching front cap), a Leica-Meter MR and n
                                                             early leather case. It is a rare opportunity to acquire one
                                                             of the most important cameras in Leica’s history, the camera
                                                             was never offered in an auction before!

                                                             Start price € 150.000
                                                             est. € 300.000 – 350.000
                                                             Serial no. 0037
                                                             Year of production: 1952
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