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Leica M3


               ‘Helmut Marx’

               Rare Leica M3 Betriebskamera (for internal use only), in very
               good cosmetic condition and working order, top plate
               engraved ‘Betriebsk. M3 – 1230’. Provenance: Prof. Helmut
               Marx – head of the photographic lens design at Leitz,
               inventor of the Summicron 50 mm and Noctilux 1.2. Included
               with this special camera is a copy of a letter from Leitz
               from 1986, confirming that the camera was the property of
               Prof. Marx.
               Start price € 10.000
               est. € 20.000 – 24.000
               Serial no. M3-1230
               Year of production: c.1958

                                                               Leica M2 chrome


                                                               Very rare Leica M2 Betriebskamera (for factory use only), in
                                                               fully original condition, top plate engraved ‘Betriebsk. M2 –
                                                               2051’. By the end of the 1950s, Leitz Wetzlar had about 7000
                                                               employees. Leica cameras were also used internally in
                                                               various departments where cameras were needed. There was
                                                               a well-organised camera lending service for temporary
                                                               private use as a courtesy to those company members who
                                                               couldn’t or didn’t want to afford a Leica camera. After the
                                                               war, the term “Betriebskamera” was used, beginning with
                                                               Leica model IIIc. The number of Leica M2 cameras was much
                                                               less than of the M3 in proportion. A maximum of 82 Leica M2
                                                               “Betriebsk.” cameras were completed, beginning with
                                                               no. 2001.

                                                               Start price € 10.000
                                                               est. € 20.000 – 24.000
                                                               Serial no. M2-2051
                                                               Year of production: 1959
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