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Leica M4 olive


                                                               The Second One

                                                               One of the rarest M cameras in absolutely original and
                                                               near-mint condition. Engraved on the back of the top plate
                                                               with ‘Bundeswehr’, with matching Elmar 2.8/50 mm
                                                               no. 2327731 correctly engraved with the letter ‘Y’. Delivered
                                                               on the 28th of December 1970, the camera is also in perfect
                                                               technical order with a clean finder and working shutter.
                                                               Only 31 M4 cameras were finished in olive green, some are
                                                               without Bundeswehr engraving, and only very, very few of
                                                               these still exist in this perfect original condition! The offered
                                                               example is the second camera from this very small batch
                                                               (1266101-1266131) – included with it is written expertise
                                                               by Ottmar Michaely.
                                                               Start price € 150.000
                                                               est. € 300.000 – 350.000
                                                               Serial no. 1266102
                                                               Year of production: 1970
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