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Leica IIIg black paint            € 16.000 *
              ‘Swedish Military’
              no. 987974, 1960, condition B/A   € 32.000 – 36.000
              An extremely rare military Leica IIIg in original, unrestored
              condition, with matching Elmar 2.8/5 cm no.1539686. Black
              paint variants of Leica cameras from the 1950s are usually
              versions for press photographers. In one case, however, a
              military client also decided on the less conspicuous black
              finish: for the Swedish military Leitz produced 100 Leica IIIf
              cameras as well as 125 IIIg cameras in the black paint finish.
              The IIIg cameras bore the serial numbers 987901 – 988025
              and were additionally engraved with the three ‘Crowns of
              Sweden’ on the rear side of the top plate. The Elmar 2.8/5 cm
              lenses were finished in silver chrome and engraved with the
              same emblem. It is one of the most attractive Leica cameras
              ever made.
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