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E. Leitz New York               € 100.000 *
              Leica Gun RIFLE
              c.1938, condition B+          € 200.000 – 250.000
              One of the rarest and most unusual Leica accessories in
              excellent, original condition. Special viewfinder engraved
              with serial number 117 (see Lager VOL.III for no. 116) and
              ‘E.LEITZ INC. NEW-YORK’, modified PLOOT mirror hous-
              ing no. 2972, modified Leica IIIa no. 230908 (1937), Telyt
              4.5/20 cm no. 472827 (focusing scale in feet, with hood and
              cap), including an extremely rare carrying case RIFUN. The
              company E. Leitz, Inc. New York launched the Leica Gun Rifle
              in 1938 using the codeword “Rifle”; it was only produced for
              one year (1938 to 1939). The “Rifle” was inspired by Com-
              mander Attilio Gatti, the well-known wildlife photographer
              in Africa and was developed between 1935 and 1937 by E.
              Leitz, Inc. New York, before being introduced to the public in
              July 1938. Various authors differ in their estimates about the
              actual numbers of “Rifles” produced: while P. H. Hasbroe-
              ck assumes that only six units were produced, J. L. Lager
              concludes that a dozen were made overall. We consider a
              number of 12-14 ‘Rifles’, spread out today over collections
              worldwide, to be appropriate and realistic.
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