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Leica IIIg black paint

              ‘Swedish Military’

              An extremely rare military Leica IIIg in original, unrestored
              condition, with matching Elmar 2.8/5 cm no. 1635366. In very
              good working condition, with an attractive patina of use
              around the edges. Black paint variants of Leica cameras from
              the 1950s are usually versions for press photographers. In
              one case, however, a military client also decided on the less
              conspicuous black finish: for the Swedish military Leitz
              produced 100 Leica IIIf cameras as well as 125 IIIg cameras
              in the black paint finish. The IIIg cameras bore the serial
              numbers 987901 – 988025 and were additionally engraved
              with the three ‘Crowns of Sweden’ on the rear side of the top
              plate. The Elmar 2.8/5 cm lenses were finished in silver
              chrome and engraved with the same emblem. It is one of the
              most attractive Leica cameras ever made.
              Start price € 30.000
              est. € 60.000 – 70.000
              Serial no. 987941
              Year of production: 1960

                                                             Leica IIIf black paint

                                                             ‘Swedish Army’

                                                             the Second One

                                                             Only 100 IIIf cameras with special black painted Elmar 3.5/5 cm
                                                             were manufactured for the Swedish military in 1957, they
                                                             were winterised to enable them to function in arctic conditions.
                                                             The offered camera is the second one produced! A sidenote
                                                             found in the control book in the Leica Archive confirms
                                                             the batch ‘Kamera no. 822901-923000 matt. schwarz’. It is in
                                                             100% original, never restored condition, with a beautiful
                                                             patina around the edges, with matching black Elmar 3.5/5 cm
                                                             no. 1427139. The IIIf black is not only one of the top
                                                             collector’s items but also one of the most attractive military
                                                             Leica cameras ever made – this one, the second one made,
                                                             is even more special.

                                                             Start price € 30.000
                                                             est. € 60.000-70.000
                                                             Serial no. 822902
                                                             Year of production: 1957
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