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Summilux 1.4/50 mm                              Summicron 2/35 mm

               chrome prototype                                black paint

                                                               M3 First Version
               An interesting prototype Summilux 50 mm with a serial
               number from the prototype Summarit 1.4/50 mm range, but
               already engraved with the Summilux name.  The lens shows   One of the rarest black paint Leica M lenses! An 8-element
               some rare and unique features, like the special aperture ring   M3 Summicron with black painted aluminium barrel and brass
               with engravings similar to prototype Summarit 1.4/50 mm   mount. Only a few examples of this rare version are known to
               lenses, ‘1.4’ engraving on the depth-of-field scale or the   exist, this is the second one we’ve seen in 20 years! The lens
               focusing mount finished partially in aluminium. The offered   is in excellent cosmetic condition, with very good optics; a
               Summilux is in beautiful, near-mint condition, with excellent   matching, very rare black paint aluminium front cap is
               optics, included with the lens is written expertise from Mr.   included. It is a rare opportunity to find a matching 35 mm
               Ottmar Michaely, it is one of the most interesting prototype   Summicron for the early black paint M3 cameras with serial
               lenses we’ve seen!                              numbers 959XXX!

               Start price € 30.000                            Start price € 40.000
               est. € 60.000 – 70.000                          est. € 80.000 – 100.000
               Serial no. 1546019                              Serial no. 1631613
               Year of production: 1959                        Year of production: 1959
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